Winter Mice in Your Home – Pest Control in La Plata, MD

As the cold wind starts to blow and snow falls to the ground, the mice start searching for new places to live. Instead of frolicking in fields and running around the forest floors looking for acorns, mice start looking to residential homes and brick-and-mortar businesses for shelter. As the company you trust for pest control in La Plata, MD, and many of the surrounding communities, the team at Barefoot Pest Control want you to know why mice tend to find refuge in your properties each winter.

The main reason mice start to move into your property during winter is that they are looking for sources of heat and possible food. Once they see that there are openings in your home or business, they start being creative with the ways they get in. It may be as simple as squeezing into a crack that has not been repaired or they may go as far as scaling the walls to get into open spaces in your attic. Before you hire us for pest control in La Plata, MD, you should consider doing some basic home maintenance.

One of the simplest ways you can keep mice out of your home is to do full winter preparations. This means making sure that vegetation and leaves are at least two feet away from your property exterior. You should also take some time to walk around the exterior and find any weaknesses that a rodent can exploit. These weaknesses include cracks around windows and doors, areas where pipes enter your home, outside vents, and holes around cable wires. Doing something simple like investing weather stripping can stop mice from entering your doors and window, in addition to keeping the cold air out.

Take care of mice in your home, as well as rats, termites, ants, and stinging insects, when you count on our professionals. We are proud to provide you with residential and commercial pest control in La Plata, MD, as well as Prince Frederick, Waldorf, Upper Marlboro, and other cities throughout Maryland. Contact our business today at (855) 754-6760 for an inspection and additional services today.