Ways to Stop Pests in the New Year

Pest Control Upper Marlboro MD2018 is here and it is time to make resolutions! If improving your property is one of your resolutions, here are some great ways to improve your pest situation:

  • Keep up with Yard Maintenance – From trimming trees to making sure that you mow regularly, keeping up with yard maintenance is very important. This year, take the extra time to keep your lawn in great shape. It will keep pests away from your home and your yard will look fabulous!
  • Seek Out Cracks and Seal Them – It does not matter if they are large or small, cracks in your home exterior are an open invitation to pests. Ants and roaches will gladly stroll right in, while rats and mice will manage to squeeze themselves into surprisingly small spots.
  • Get Rid of Clutter – Start 2018 fresh with a deep cleaning. When you get rid of clutter in your home, you get rid of filth you did not know existed. You also eliminate hiding spaces for pests. Furthermore, you will have more room to live and breathe in your home.

If you have been avoiding hiring pest control specialists, 2018 is the time to act! Barefoot Pest Control provides services throughout Maryland. You can come to us for pest control in Upper Marlboro, MD, as well as many other towns.