Waldorf Emergency Pest Control and Extermination

Ants are on the top lists of pests to invade your home. Getting to know your enemy can be the key to removing the pest from your home! Here are a few tips to knowing ants so you can devise an action plan to remove these nuisances from your home.

  • Diet – The ant’s diet consists of water, sugar, fats and proteins. Having any food left out in your home could greatly increase your chances of having an infestation.
  • Source Entry – Ants can enter through any small crack in your house’s structure. Common hideouts for ants include the kitchen, bathrooms, basements and HVAC units. To limit entry, consider adding screen doors, replacing weather stripping and keep tree branches from resting against your home.
  • Colony Living – Ants live in groups that can consist of millions of ants. These are called colonies and can have millions of ants at one time. These colonies can be the source of an infestation if not properly removed.

The only way to truly remove ants from your home is by looking for a home care company for eradication, immediately. These companies are designed to target the colony at its source. Are you looking for Waldorf emergency pest control? Contact Barefoot Pest Control today!