The Answers You Need for Pest Removal Maryland

Do you really need to exterminate termites? The answer is YES. They contribute to over a billion dollars’ worth of damage every year to home and business owners. Here are a few answers about termites to help keep your house clear! Consider pest removal Maryland services today.

What Do Termites Eat? Termites feed on wood, paper, books, and insulation. Basically, termites will eat nearly anything in your home. They can also injure your trees and shrubs outdoors as well.

How Do I Discover a Termite Infestation? Termites are attracted to light and can swarm like mosquitos, moths, etc. Swarms will emerge from tree stumps, under your foundation or under outdoor porches and decks.

What Can I Use to Treat Termite Infestation? The answer to this question should be left up to your termite control company. However, there are two categories that the company will choose from, liquids or baits. Your exterminator will have a better idea on which will remove the pests from your home.

How Long Will Treatment Last? Depending on how you decide to handle your infestation will determine how long it will last. Most DIY efforts can last up to 5 years. A professional pest removal service will have longer lasting success.

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