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Subterranean Termites – What to Know

Pest Control Prince Frederick MDPutting a stop to termites is our duty. The talented team at Barefoot Pest Control have years of experience getting rid of these termites and are prepared to help you with issues at your home or business today.

Subterranean termites are termites that live underground. These pests live in the soil and will enter your home through any wood that touches the ground or via cracks in foundations and concrete walls. Once they get into your home, they tend to start eating softwood, feeding with the grain of the wood. Their nests are found underground, and they prefer to build nests in areas that are moist. Furthermore, these termites tend to have multiple egg-laying females in the colony, so it takes very little time for thousands of termites to appear.

Rely on our specialists to assist you with issues related to termites. Our business offers pest control in Prince Frederick, MD, as well as La Plata, Upper Marlboro, and Waldorf. Give us a call today at (855) 754-6760 at the first sign of termites. We will inspect your property and come up with a custom protective termite strategy to get rid of the termites in your home and prevent them from returning.

Reasons You Don’t Want Rats in Your Home

Pest Control Prince Frederick MDIt goes without saying that rats are terrible pests in the home that need to be eliminated immediately. The team at Barefoot Pest Control has put together a list of reasons why rats are bad for you and your property:

Disease – Did you know that rats carry a minimum of 60 communicable diseases? A colony of rats is sure to give you or some of your family members diseases that can cause issues like vomiting, fever, and joint pain. Some of these diseases can even be fatal if they are not appropriately treated.

Reproduction – A typical female rat can mate with up to 500 partners when in heat, which occurs approximately 15 times a year. If you do the math, then you know that is a large number of baby rats. A single female can make up to 2,000 offspring in a year. All it takes is one rat couple to build a colony.

Destruction – Wiring, cinderblocks, lead pipes, and more – rats are happy to chew on anything they can to keep their teeth from outgrowing their mouth. Nothing is safe and they can be responsible for destroying your entire property.

You can count on our team when you need help with rat infestations in Maryland. We perform pest control in Prince Frederick, MD, as well as Waldorf, La Plata, and Upper Marlboro.

Wasps in Your Home This Winter

Pest Control Prince Frederick, MDMost wasps tend to die off when winter comes around, but that does not mean that wasps have left altogether. Paper Wasps tend to start building colonies during the winter time. They tend to make their way into your home, often hiding in attics or warmer spaces within the wall. You do not want to let them stay all season long, so have put together some tips to take care of these stinging insects.

The most important thing you can do now is start inspecting your home for any spots where a wasp – or any other insect – may be able to get into your home. Regular home inspections are vital. Once you find a crack or hole, consider using silicone-based caulk or steel wool to fill the gaps. Furthermore, you should take a look at your porch, attic rafters, and door frames to see if any wasps are there. If you notice any, you can simply pick up the phone and we will be able to assist you.

Have you noticed wasps in your home? Barefoot Pest Control offers services throughout Maryland, including pest control in Prince Frederick, MD. Contact us today to learn more about our vast array of pest control services.

Why You Should Keep Up with Annual Termite Inspections

Pest Control Prince Frederick MDOwning a home means keeping up with regular maintenance, such as an annual termite inspection. Read some of the reasons why annual inspections are crucial:

  • Termites Go Unnoticed – Unless you have had termites in your home before, it’s likely that you won’t even notice that termites have infested your home. A trained pest control specialists will be able to see these small issues, searching both high and low to find signs of infestation that you may not have noticed.
  • Termites Travel from Home to Home – If your neighbors have termites, it’s possible that they will infest your home as well. Speaking to your neighbors will let you know when there are termites in the area. Furthermore, if you see someone getting serviced for termites, it’s a good sign that you should get an inspection as well.
  • It’s a Smart Investment – Spending just a little bit of money each year on an annual inspection is way better than spending tons of money on repairs caused by termites. It’s also important to note that most insurance policies do not cover this type of damage.

Call up the team at Barefoot Pest Control today to make an appointment for your yearly termite inspection. From pest control in Prince Frederick, MD, to emergency repairs in Waldorf, we are available to assist you.

Common Fall Pests

Pest Control Prince Frederick MDThe seasons are changing and it’s time for the fall pests to start moving into local homes and businesses. Here are some of the pests you may see this year:

  • Rodents – As the weather starts to cool in fall, mice and rats are looking for warm places to stay. They tend to live in the walls, closets, pantries, and attics, bringing in all kinds of disease with them and leaving their droppings everywhere. Furthermore, they may cause damage to your wires, walls, and other parts of your property.
  • Bees – Once the summer starts to wind down, queen bees start to abandon their workers, which means they need to find shelter for the winter. You should check your attic, as queens and workers will most often move in if you are not prepared.
  • Stink Bugs – Check your walls for stink bugs now, as this is the time to make sure these creatures have not infested your walls. Once they make their way into your home, it is tough to get rid of them. This is why it’s vital to spray for them now if there are other stink bug infestations in your area.

Contact us today to inquire about our fall pest control services. The team at Barefoot Pest Control provides pest control in Prince Frederick, MD, as well as Waldorf, La Plata, and Upper Marlboro.

How Pests Can Destroy Your Retail Store

Pest Control, Prince Frederick, MDIs your business vulnerable to pests? Many non-food retail stores—from clothing to books to appliances—are havens for a variety of pests. Ants, beetles, flies, and even rodents are capable of finding the entry points they need to provide them with the food, water, and shelter they seek. If a business doesn’t regularly empty its trash or thoroughly clean the employee break room, it risks being invaded by pests searching for opportunities to nest. Onsite pests create a dirty and unwelcoming appearance, may be harmful to a shopper’s health, and could possible mar the pristine inventory.

Insects that carry germs and dirt are attracted to any place there are people. Whether the store is a standalone or located in a massive mall, the smallest crumb or gum wrapper is on a pest’s radar.  With doors constantly opening and closing many hours a day, seven days a week, it is easy for the unpleasant critters to make their way into any retail environment. Follow these basic suggestions to help eliminate the threat of a pest invasion:

  • Keep your retail store fresh and clean.
  • Make sure the floors are free of dirt and thoroughly swept, mopped, or vacuumed daily.
  • Use disinfectants in the food areas and bathrooms and empty the trash on a daily basis. I
  • Choose a professional pest control company to keep pests away and eliminate them at the source.

One of the leading companies for pest control in Prince Frederick, MD, specializes in permanently eradicating pests from retail outlets both large and small. The technicians at Barefoot Pest Control are experienced and knowledgeable about how pests find their way into stores. You won’t be risking your good name with regularly scheduled pest-control pros. Maintain your reputation with your repeat customers and be sure to build a relationship with new shoppers.

Pests in Your Home – Areas to Investigate

Pest Control Prince Frederick MD | WaldorfTermiteandPest.comPests can hide in a variety of areas in your home. Take a look in the following spots if you suspect that you have a pest problem:

  • Pantry – When was the last time that you’ve cleaned out your pantry? If it’s been a while and you are having a pest problem, it’s likely that there are issues in there. Things like old cereal, partial bags of rice, and flour that tend to sit in the pantry for a long time are havens for beetles and moths. Get rid of any old food in your pantry and invest in airtight containers to stop problems in the future.
  • Under the Stove or Oven – Have you ever cleaned under the stove or the oven? If you’re like most homeowners, then it’s not an area you think about too often. These spots usually trap a lot of food crumbs, which attract pests. Next time you are cleaning the kitchen, you should move the refrigerator and take out the bottom drawer of your oven to clean these spots.
  • Cluttered Areas – Stop spiders and roaches from setting up shop in your home by cleaning up cluttered areas. Spots like areas behind couches, desks that have been stacked with tons of mail and junk, or under beds are perfect for pests. By keeping these spots clean, you give pests no place to hide.

If you are cleaning your home and uncover pests, don’t panic! Call our team to receive pest control in Prince Frederick, MD, as well as other cities throughout our state.

Signs of a Wasp Problem

Pest Control Prince Frederick MD | WaldorfTermiteandPest.comFinding wasps around your home is not necessarily a bad thing. They help pollinate flowers and make sure that your home isn’t overrun with insect pests. That said, if you have too many wasps on your property, you may have a wasp problem. Whether you are allergic to these insects or have children who like to play in the yard, you should take care of wasps as soon as possible.

Discovering the root of your wasp issue starts with finding the nest. There are many different nests for different wasps. For example, yellow jackets build nests that have a paper-like covering that can be found in walls and in the ground. On the other hand, paper wasps build open nests that look like a bit like a honeycomb. A typical nest will contain approximately 30 wasps, but social wasps may have multiple nests. If you spot one of these nests, you should not try to handle the problem on your own. Wasps are known to defend their nests when they feel threatened and the stings are very painful.

You can contact our trained professionals at Barefoot Pest Control when you are seeking assistance with your wasp problems. Our talented team offers pest control in Prince Frederick, MD, as well as a wide array of additional cities throughout the state.