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Maintaining Your Business with Maryland Commercial Rodent Control

Owning your own business and running a company takes a lot of work. Your work is never done and it’s highly important that the business property is kept neat, tidy and free of rodents. Should your commercial space fall victim to any unwanted creatures, there is now even more work on your plate.

That’s where we come in. Barefoot Pest Control has the right tools and equipment to develop a Maryland commercial rodent control strategy and program for your location. We will perform an inspection and get the space back to the conditions necessary to pass the regulations and guidelines set by the agencies you must comply with.

It’s no secret that rodents are annoying and unsightly creatures. They can wreak havoc on your business and even cost you to lose out on sales or lose licenses and privileges to operate. So just what types of rodents should you keep an eye out for?

These rodents can enter through small spaces then chew or gnaw away at the space to make more room to get in. Mice are active throughout the year and will search for a warm home as temperatures drop. They hide in dark environments. From age six weeks and beyond, female mice are capable of having a litter of up to eight young. Mice can chew on electrical wires. Their droppings can distribute diseases and contaminate foods.

They’ll chew or gnaw their way in and continue to gnaw away on valuable pieces of equipment or furniture. They tend to burrow near water sources such as leaky pipes. They reproduce quickly. Rats are carriers of fleas and ticks, and their droppings can contain organisms that cause diseases.

If you suspect that your business has a mice or rat infestation, do not hesitate to call us. We will provide the Maryland commercial rodent control services needed to reverse this issue and get your commercial space back on track.