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Do You Hive a Buzzing Problem in Your Yard?

Emergency Pest Removal | WaldorfTermiteandPest.comImagine you are preparing for an outdoor family gathering and you just spotted the biggest wasp’s nest you have ever seen. What would you do? Don’t worry about canceling the party because we specialize in emergency pest removal. Stinging insects like wasps, yellow jackets, and hornets should be taken very seriously and removed by professionals.

Be aware of these stinging insects:

  • Yellow Jackets- These insects often follow their stomachs, so your yard could become their new home if there are flowers nearby. They feed on pollinating flowers and other insects. They typically nest in the ground or underneath porches.
  • Hornets- Their nests are usually the size of a basketball, so it is not hard to spot. They often use wood scrapings to build their home. Hornets are very defensive of their home and will act aggressively towards any perceived threat.
  • Wasps- Many people have an allergic reaction when stung by a wasp which makes eradicating their home even more dangerous. A typical nest usually contains less than 30 wasps, but they are known to build bigger ones.

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