Simple Ways to Stop Fall Pests

Pest Control La Plata MDFall weather is here, so it is time to start fighting against fall pests. Here are a few things you should do to combat fall pests:

  • Fix Your Screens – If you like keeping your windows open, you should make sure that your screens are protecting your home from pests. Take the time to install screens on your windows, as well as repair any holes you may have on your screens.
  • Fix Entry Points – From cracks in your doors to any holes in the exterior walls, creatures of all shapes and sizes are trying to get into your home. It is vital that you take some time to fix cracks in your home and replace any weather stripping before the pests try to wiggle into your home.
  • Get Rid of Moisture – Pests are attracted to moisture, so you should look for any wet spots throughout your home. Take some time to replace leaky pipes and clean your gutters, as bugs will start to congregate in these areas.

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