Waldorf Termite and pest Control: Residential services


There is nothing more frustrating or unnerving than finding termites, pests and rodents inside or outside of your home. Turn to the Maryland exterminators you can rely on to protect your home – Barefoot Pest Control! We’ll perform regular inspections to find pests and mitigate the damage they can leave behind. All you have to do is call us when you need pest control in Upper Marlboro, MD.

Custom-Fit Pest Exclusion

We provide comprehensive extermination and pest exclusion plans that are personalized to fit the unique needs of your home. We realize each house is different; that is why we allow for a program to be tailored to best suit the specific threats facing your home. After an inspection, our technicians will work with you to create your specialized plan. You can contact us online for more info about receiving pest control in La Plata, MD.

Outdoor Pest Control

As for the outside of your home, we want you to be able to use and enjoy your outdoor space once again. For example, when you request pest control in Upper Marlboro, MD, we will work to identify, remove and protect your outdoor areas. Whether its stinging and biting insects, to invasive rodents, you can count on our Maryland exterminators to do the job right the first time, every time.

We use the latest, state-of-the-art equipment to carry out an inspection. This equipment consists of calibrated flow meters, foam injectors, and the safest, most effective termite treatments. For Maryland rodent removal you can rely on, call the professionals from the Waldorf termite and pest control company Barefoot Pest Control! Contact us today at (855) 754-6760 to request more info about pest control in La Plata, MD, as well as other cities throughout Maryland.