Put a Stop to Mosquitos in Fall and Winter

Pest Control Upper Marlboro MDAs you know, mosquitoes don’t really bother us while it is cold outdoors. That’s because the mosquito eggs enter a state of suspended development, waiting for the right temperatures before hatching. During fall and winter, it’s a wise idea to do the following to put a stop to mosquito problems:

  • Search for Items That Hold Water – Tire swings, old flowerpots, bowls, and any other spot that could hold water are the perfect breeding grounds for mosquitos. You should turn any of these areas over or take them indoors to stop mosquitoes from developing.
  • Unclog Gutters – You should be making sure that your gutters are unclogged anyway, but unclogging drains and making sure all water is running through it is important.
  • Spray for Mosquitos – If there are any areas where mosquitoes were a problem previously, spray today and keep the mosquitos away. By following the directions, you won’t have to worry about mosquitos taking over next season.

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