Preparing for Termite Season – Pest Control in La Plata, MD

Spring is just around the corner, which means it is time to prepare for termite season again. These destructive insects will soon be coming out in droves to eat you out of house and home. They literally will eat your home, so it is vital that you contact the team at Barefoot Pest Control when you are seeking pest control in La Plata, MD, as well as many other cities throughout Maryland. With our help, you can learn more about termites and make sure that these creatures do not cause any more damage to your property.

Preparing for termite season means making important upgrades to your property that should be performed at this point in the year. These updates include taking care of roof or plumbing leaks. Termites love to live in dark, moist environments, so getting rid of these spots will prevent them from taking over. Additionally, you should be fixing any holes or entryways outside your home that a termite may be able to enter. With these holes blocked, you will not have to worry about any unwanted visitors entering your home.

Once April comes, you should be wary of termite infestation issues. Keeping an eye out for the various signs that you may have termites is step one. Maryland has a problem with subterranean termites that can be found at or near ground level. You will want to look in areas like your basement, places where any wood may be present, under wood decks, and in places like old tree stumps around your property. These locations are just a handful of the places where termites could be hiding on your property.

Contact us today for pest control in La Plata, MD, and the surrounding areas. The talented and friendly staff at Barefoot Pest Control is prepared to inspect your home for termites and provide you with solutions to any problems you may face. Furthermore, we can provide pest control for rats, mice, roaches, ants, and other harmful pests. Request an inspection and see why so many people rely on us when they are seeking pest control in La Plata, MD, and cities throughout the beautiful state of Maryland.