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Plants That Ward Off Bugs

Bugs can be extremely annoying. They can buzz, bite, and annoy you right out of your yard. In addition to calling in professionals like Barefoot Pest Control, there are a few things that you can try at home. The most important of these is simple, plant the correct plants that naturally ward off bugs in Maryland.

Best Plants for Repelling Unwanted Bugs

One of the advantages to planting the plants on our list is that they make a great addition to any landscaping. They are all colorful and most smell amazing. Your yard will look and smell better and be pest-free when these plants are added.

Here are a few ideas of plants to add that will help control the bug and pest populations in your yard.


Known for its smell, lavender is a great addition to any yard. Plus, its scent has been shown to be calming. Lavender’s purple stalks of flowers can brighten your yard as well as repel unwanted bugs.

Bugs It Repels:

Lavender is a good choice because of the number of insects that dislike it. Use lavender to repel moths, fleas, flies, and mosquitoes.


Marigolds are the only plant on this list that does not have a strong scent, or any smell at all. But, these yellow and orange flowers can brighten up a yard.

Bugs It Repels:

Marigolds are great at warding off mosquitoes and aphids. Use it near a patio or in a garden for the most benefits.


Basil might be known primarily as an herb, so its addition to your yard will have multiple benefits. The leaves of basil can be used as a seasoning in any dish or made into pesto. Plus, the strong smell is enjoyed by many people.

Bugs It Repels

Basil has one more advantage in a yard, and that is its repelling power over flies and mosquitoes. In addition to providing yard protection from these insects, it can also be made into an insect repellent spray.


Another herb, mint wonderful as an addition to curries or made into a cooling tea. Most people love the smell of mint, and there are a myriad of variations of the plant to choose from. It is likely that you will find a variety you enjoy without much trouble. Keep in in mind that mint grows like a weed. Unless you want your yard taken over by mint, it is best to keep it in pots or other containers.

Bugs it Repels:

Mint is versatile in more than its culinary uses. It also wards off mosquitoes, ants, and mice.

Other Natural Pest Repellents:

Among the natural pest repellents listed above, there are a handful of natural remedies. These include:

  • coffee grounds
  • lemon balm
  • citronella grass
  • diatomaceous earth
  • using a spray bottle with water and cayenne pepper to mist your plants and protect your garden.


Plants are a great, natural way to control the bug population around your home. Using one or all of the plants we recommend will work wonders for your yard. However, sometimes planting cannot get rid of all your bug problems.

If you’ve done all of our suggestions, still have unwanted bugs, and live in the La Plata, Maryland area, then contact Barefoot Pest Control. They provide professional pest removal services that coupled with your new insect repelling plants, can rid your year of bugs today.

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