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Pest Library: Beetles

Dietary Needs

The more than 25,000 different species of beetle eat a wide variety of foods. From fabrics and dead animal products to wood and other plant materials, you can find a type of beetle that will eat just about anything.


Some varieties of beetle live in stored products and are carried into the home in the very item that they are infesting. Others crawl in from the outside through cracks and crevices. Some beetles even emerge from the wood in the home itself, having spent years eating the wood from the inside-out.


All species of beetles undergo complete metamorphosis, developing from egg to larvae to pupae to adult. For this reason, most beetles will attempt to lay eggs on or near the ideal food source for newly hatched beetle larvae.


Lack of available food is the only true limitation of a beetle population. The more plentiful the food source, the larger the potential for infestation.


Because of the sheer variety of beetle types and the similarly varied techniques for mitigation, contact our professional services as soon as you suspect a beetle problem. Our assessment will identify the family of beetle and create a custom plan of action for comprehensive eradication.

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