Occasional Invaders Treated by Pest Control Companies in Maryland

Your home or business may occasionally fall victim to unwanted intruders. We’re not talking about people, we are referring to insects. Whether they are entering your home and you can’t seem to keep them away, or they are destroying your home’s exterior, Barefoot Pest Control can help. These small nuisances are a big problem. Just who might these occasional invaders be? They are made up of the following:

These highly mobile creatures enter through cracks and crevices, seeking shelter from the weather and from predators and in search of food. They feed on insects. They’ll nest in the cracks and crevices but do not spend much time in one location. They do not usually form groups of large populations.

They can enter the home through open doors and windows, crawlspace vents, and any type of crack or crevice. They feed on decaying plant life and dead insects. Dark places are ideal for their shelter and nesting. Large groups of crickets hatch each spring.

These pests will enter the home in search of food and for warmth during the fall and winter months. They will feed on decaying plant life or other insects. They tend to huddle together under leaves, mulch and any other ground cover. Up to 50 eggs can be laid at one time.

They most commonly enter a home from the ground level: basements and crawlspaces. They nest in damp, dark areas that provide cover from predators yet allow easy access to food. Millipedes do not usually form groups, but infestations can be rather large.

These sly pests will enter homes through small cracks. They feed on a variety of foods such as sugars and cellulose but also paper and linen items like books and clothing. They prefer damp, dark areas close to food sources. They emerge at night and can multiply over 20 young silverfish per month without being detected.

When you need protection from these creepy crawlies, your search for pest control companies in Maryland stops with Barefoot Pest Control. We have the experience and expertise needed to diagnose and control problems caused from an infestation of the pests listed above. Call us today to treat, prevent and control bed bugs in your home or business.