Interesting Info about Mice

Pest Control La Plata MDMice are interesting little creatures – except when they are living in your home. Here are some curious facts about these pests:

  • Mice Can Fit Into Very Small Gaps – If you’re wondering how the heck a mouse got into your home, it’s important to know that they can fit through gaps that are as small as 6 millimeters. This is why we always recommend that you inspect your home for any possible entry points before the season starts.
  • Mice Have Trouble Seeing – When it comes to seeing things, mice work best in dim light or the dark. Because of this, most mice rely on the senses of smell, hearing, and touch to get around. Their whiskers also help them get around, as they are very sensitive.
  • Mice Teeth Constantly Grow – Mice have incisors that are always growing, which means they tend to chew on items in your home that are softer than their teeth. They like to chew on electrical wires, as well as cardboard and wood. It’s important to take care of any wires the moment you see chew marks, as it could start a fire.

When you are dealing with mice, you can trust the team at Barefoot Pest Control to assist you. Our business provides pest control in La Planta, MD, as well as a variety of other areas throughout Maryland.