Identifying Carpenter Ants in Your Home

Pest Control Upper Marlboro MDAre you noticing ants around your home? These pests are always problematic, but some ants can cause more damage than others. This fall, you should be watching out for carpenter ants. These pests are known for causing damage to wood in the home. The damage can get so bad that people often mistake them for termites.

Carpenter ants can typically be identified by their color. Most of these ants feature black, red, brown, yellow, and orange colors. They are mistaken for termites because they tend to eat away at decayed wood, but these pests do not eat the wood. Instead, they use it at their nesting areas to help improve the temperature and humidity.

Other ways to identify particular species of carpenter ants is to look for wings. Although they may look a lot like termites, you can tell the difference by looking for the pinched waist and elbowed antennas. If you see one in your home, it is likely they have set up shop somewhere around your property.

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