How to Stop Rodents from Entering Your Home

As you sleep nestled in your bed at night, mere inches away, on the other side of your wall, mice, rats, bats, and other rodents could be nestled in their own beds — your insulation. If you manage to see just one, there are likely many more you never see. You might not even see them for certain, but you’ll find a sign of their presence at some point; whether it’s droppings or chewed-up food boxes or wires. Before it gets to that point, learn how to keep them from entering your house to begin with.

Seal the Entry Points

Exterminators like Waldorf rodent control can identify all of the possible entry points into your home. Small rodents can squeeze into holes and cracks as little as a quarter-inch wide. If even one point is left unsealed, rodents will have easy access to your home — and they will seek shelter there, especially during the colder months.

Put Deterrents around the Perimeter

In addition to sealing up all entrances to your home, a professional exterminator will keep rodents from seeking shelter near your home in the first place with deterrents around your yard. This includes sealing off any leaks under or around the home, as rodents flock to water sources, and using traps or scents that bother rodents.

Exterminate the Current Nest

Keeping pests out of your home is only effective if you exterminate the rodents already nesting in your home. A professional will look for any signs of a current infestation, as well as entry holes in the walls leading into the home. This involves closing off existing sources to food to direct them to poison traps that will infect the colony.

Pests can not only damage your home, they can also carry fleas, ticks, and disease. Protect your family, home, and belongings by keeping pests out for good.