Common Fall Pests

Pest Control Prince Frederick MDThe seasons are changing and it’s time for the fall pests to start moving into local homes and businesses. Here are some of the pests you may see this year:

  • Rodents – As the weather starts to cool in fall, mice and rats are looking for warm places to stay. They tend to live in the walls, closets, pantries, and attics, bringing in all kinds of disease with them and leaving their droppings everywhere. Furthermore, they may cause damage to your wires, walls, and other parts of your property.
  • Bees – Once the summer starts to wind down, queen bees start to abandon their workers, which means they need to find shelter for the winter. You should check your attic, as queens and workers will most often move in if you are not prepared.
  • Stink Bugs – Check your walls for stink bugs now, as this is the time to make sure these creatures have not infested your walls. Once they make their way into your home, it is tough to get rid of them. This is why it’s vital to spray for them now if there are other stink bug infestations in your area.

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