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Waldorf Bee Removal


How To Identify A Bee Infestation

Appearance- Bees and wasps can be mistaken for one another, as both can sting. Wasps however are more aggressive, while bees will more commonly only sting when provoked. Knowing the difference between a bee and a wasp is important for treating a sting received, as well as taking care of the wasp or bee problem. Bees are usually black bodied or sometimes with brown or orange or yellow striations. Bees are also hairy, while wasps usually have a smooth and shiny skin. Another way to tell the difference is a bee will be fat bodied, while a wasp will have a narrow waist. If after reading this you've decided you don't have beens, learn more about our wasp control here. Behavior - Bees are social and live in large colonies with a queen and drone workers. Bees seek out flowers for their nectar, the primary source of energy, which they turn into honey for food in the winter. Bees will swarm when virgin female bees leave the nest to form a new colony elsewhere, or bees will swarm when disturbed and in defense of the colony.

Why You Might Have Bees

Like us, bees want a safe and secure place to call home in close proximity to a good food source. Sometimes this can mean in the siding of your house or in or around a tree on your property.

Reasons To Treat Your Bee Problem Immediately

Bees can sting and will swarm when disturbed. Even one sting can be enough to send a person with an allergy into anaphylactic shock. While bees are beneficial to the environment in many ways, they can be inconvenient or even dangerous if they locate their hive close to your home or living area. When using any method of Waldorf bee control it is necessary to know effective application strategies as well as the limitations and dangers associated with each method. Special licenses might even be required to treat the infestation. The only way to really get rid of bees is to remove the hive completely. This task is best suited for a trained professional for safety and efficiency reasons. Give us a call today.  

1) Does bee control kill bees? 

Unfortunately, it may be necessary to kill the bees before removing the hive. All bees will defend their hive vigorously. For the safety of you, your family, and the technician, the bees may need to be killed. Sometimes a live removal is possible, though. Just remember that we cannot ensure that the bees are completely gone until the hive is removed.  Therefore, decisions about bee removal are done on a case by case basis. At Barefoot Pest Control, we will work with you to determine the best way to get rid of the bees on your property. 

2) Can I move the hive myself? 

No, you shouldn't remove the hive by yourself. As mentioned in the previous FAQ, bees will defend their hive. Some types of bees are more aggressive than others. But, all will become aggressive if they think the queen is in danger. It doesn’t matter if you are allergic or not, being stung by hundreds or thousands of bees can be a health risk.  The safest way to remove the hive is to hire a professional at Barefoot Pest Control. Our technicians have the safety equipment and expertise needed to efficiently and carefully remove the hive. 

3) What should I do if I get stung? 

It is possible to get stung by a bee during the spring and summer in Waldorf, MD. The actions you take when getting stung by a bee will be determined by whether you are allergic or not. Bee allergies can be extremely dangerous.  If you are allergic and get stung, use your EpiPen, and see a medical professional. Some people are allergic to bee stings and do not realize it. If you get stung by a bee and experience any of the following symptoms, see a medical professional immediately. 
  • Hives and/or itchy skin
  • Swelling in the throat and tongue
  • Fainting
  • Nausea and/or vomiting
  • Breathing problems. 
If you are lucky enough not to have a bee allergy, then a cold compress should be all you need to treat a bee sting. Advil or other anti-inflammatory medication are also helping to reduce swelling and pain. 

4) How do I prevent bees? 

Honey bees may be struggling throughout the United States, but that doesn’t mean we want hives in our buildings or yards. Unless you are an experienced beekeeper, it is best not to let bees nest near you or your family. The risk of stings goes up exponentially. To prevent bees from creating a hive in your home, you can try to seal all potential nesting sites with metal screens or caulk. You can also try natural bee repellents. Contact Barefoot Pest Control to learn more about preventing bees. 

5) How common are Africanized bees? 

Africanized bees are colloquially known as “killer bees.” These are highly aggressive honey bees that originated in Brazil in the 1950s. While Africanized bees are a big problem in southwestern states, they have yet to reach Maryland. They do not survive well in cold climates. Even though Africanized bees can be hard to tell apart from regular honey bees, likely, the bees in your Waldorf yard are not killer bees. See this site for more information. 
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